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Offset Printing is a type of process that is used to put ink on paper. In most instances, it is the ability to generate one, two, three and sometimes four colors of ink on up to a Tabloid (11x17) size sheet of paper. Another term used in place of Offset Printing is called Sheet Fed Printing. Although these are the same process of printing, some Sheet Fed Presses are capable of handling paper sizes up to 40 inches wide. Even though they use single sheets of paper, these larger presses, sometimes referred to as Perfecters, are capable of running large jobs at a fraction of the cost.

At Vindan Print Brokers though, when we refer to Offset Printing, we will be speaking of up to three colors of ink on an 11x17 sheet of paper. Mainly because this is where the majority of offset work will be completed. So, generally speaking, if your needs fall between 250 and 100,000 sheets of paper, and is not a Four Color Process printing job, you have turned to the right page.

Most everything printed falls into the category of Offset Printing. Here are some examples:




Sales Tags

Bus Cards



And More

For more information on Offset Printing, please contact one of our Staff at (303) 825-0028, between 7:30 AM and 4:30 PM Mountain Standard Time, or leave us E-MAIL.

Advertising Specialties:
Promotional Items like pens, mugs, mouse pads, water bottles and more.

Basic marketing to sophisticated advertising.

Fast, cost effective printing at today’s standards!

Four Color Process:
Specialized forms and printing process.

1-4 color imprint on assorted shapes and sizes.

Large format printing for Plans and Engineering sketches and posters.

Screen Printing:
From simple textile printing to multiple colors, binders and more.

Business cards and fine business stationary.

Basic layout and complete graphic design.

Web Design:
Maintenance and web programming, FTP and now hosting available through.

As Low As $3/mo

Much, Much More:
If you can’t find it ... just ask! More than likely, we can do it.

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